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Originally Posted by chandlerashari View Post
Greatest for what, endless bickering?

To be honest the "Star Trek fan-base" isnt really efficient as a resource of good coherent ideas, we trip over each other in proposing conflicting ideas as marginally better than the other (TOS v TNG, ENT, awesome or abomination? JJ Trek, good or bad?)

I wish there was away to maintain a non-combat-oriented Trek MMO, from keeping it running to my own attention span. But there isnt a concrete proven idea that can make STO profitable AND be all about Fed core values.

Besides the KDF fans would uproar if this were to be the case...

alternatively if you made it that only KDF can strike first, get ready for some Fed QQ tears

I say, play the part of the game that suits you (foundry missions most likely), and if thats not working out for you, play something else. STO isnt gonna change dramatically to a potentially non-profitable direction (i dont wanna hear about how ST uni supposedly has no money :p, RL people)

Sidenote: i for one would be bored to tears if encounters in this game is just "the klingon captain is mad at you for crossing his territory, what do you say?" and penalizing combat responses.

I'd go to work for that.

Sidenote 2: I totally agree on retconning us to be just captains tho
I don't want a game and systems overhaul- just a writing overhaul. I storm an enemy starship , whipeout its crew and THEN ask it's captain,B'Vat, what should I do? or ask an Ensign in the The Kuvah'Magh what to do? List goes on. People got paid,PAID, real money to write that crap. There are a bunch of people writing much better stories and dialog for nothing in the Foundry-they are the resource I'm referring too. Hell,I'd love to have Cryptic just give us a mission a week to polish in the Foundry-no systems change,exact same mission mechanics-just let the Foundry players rewrite the half ass dialog.
Only real pain in the ass change I want is to get away from the whole Admiral thing...

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