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01-28-2013, 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by shagnastie View Post
Thanks for the reply Corgatag I have 780 Lobi crystals and 4 keys left if I get to 800 Ill buy a dreadnaught but im not buying any more keys without a good explanation from sto as to why I havent got one

Surely u must agree with me that somethign isent right here?
dude, I hate it when people assume that they are entitled to get the grand prize from a lock box based purely on the number of lock boxes that they have opened. Seriously, you underestimate the sheer probability involved in the random number generator.

You cited people who have opened 20 Dominion Lock Boxes and gotten the Jem'hadar Heavy Escort Carrier... well I have opened a grand total of FOUR dominion lock boxes in my entire time playing and I got the ship on my third box in. You appear to have opened significantly more than the average number would indicate, but that is par for the course when a Digital Random Number Generator is involved.

Each box opened has a random percentile chance of probably around 1 to 5% to give you the ship in question. Each box opened rolls that percentile chance independently of all other boxes. So if all of the boxes you opened missed that 1 to 5% chance at having a ship in it, then you won't get a ship no matter how many boxes you open.

Same holds true if you somehow miraculously roll the 1 to 5% chance on the very first box that you open. Digital Random Number Generators that are programed properly come the closest to being perfectly random that people can actually get in this world without invoking Cthulu himself.