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01-28-2013, 09:50 PM
I love my Chimera, and it's sister destroyer on the KDF side.

I think the secret gem behind this ship isn't its superiority in any particular instance, but rather, it's flexibility during the same mission.

Generic stations, swapping BOFFs on the fly, on-demand transformation from damage to survivability, and you have a lovely little ship full of all sorts of complexity. More survivable than the escort, but way more maneuverable than the cruiser.

For me, it's a perfect ship for PVE queues that you can adjust when you get a feel for what the rest of the group is bringing.

As a reward for a Lifetime subscription (bought mine immediately before the game went live) it's solid. As a reason for buying a Lifetime? I think you will be disappointed. To me, it sounds like a "I want to fly the best", which this ship isn't. Again, in specific roles, there are better options. To me, this is for those that like complex gameplay and hot-seat decision-making as opposed to min-maxing and theorycrafting.

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