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01-28-2013, 10:53 PM
Breen torp has always been op... it just never worked properly. lol

No seriously 2 things have changed that yes I believe make it one of the many BS items in the game.

1) they fixed it... I know right. It used to not launch 25% of the time so lots of people never dreamed of really using it for more then the lulz.

2) The addition of Torpedo doffs. Anytime a torpedo doff procs... it reduces the cool down of the breen cluster torp. Honestly if I put on on my torp brel I can launch one about every 8-16s aprox... which is much much faster then the 45s it was balanced at. I have gotten lucky roles where I have had 3 out at once that hadn't landed yet cause someone was trying to outrun them instead of shoot them.

1 - To balance these things honestly.... They likely SHOULD not be Transphasic. (I know I know there breen and they use them) but something like photon would have been a better choice.

2 - Torpedo doffs need to stop effecting them.