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# 1 Which Attack Pattern is Best?
01-28-2013, 11:02 PM
Hey Gang,

I am looking for some advise from fellow TACS or anyone else for that matter on two issues i am struggling with. I am trying to make the move from playing mainly PVE to more PVP and i have been surfing the forums and all of the supporting sites/links for creating the ideal TAC officer that can switch between an assualt cruise and a escort (mainly a Defiant-R or a HE-Carrier).

Weopons loadout is currently:

3 AP arrays, 1 WA Quantum forward
3 AP arrays, 1 REG Quantum aft

My question is on my BO skills loadout. I currently have the following stations that im am trying to maximum DPS/Healing out off but transferable between a AC or an escort. Both vessels are set up for arrays/torp and cannons/torp.


Lt Com Tac: TS1, APB1, HYT3

Ens Tac: TT

Com Eng: EPTW1, EPTS2, APTSIF2, and EWPC

Lt Eng: EPTS1 and ET2

Universal Lt Sci: HE1 and PH2
Lt Tac: TT1 and BO2 but im still undecided

Now if i want too switch over to a HEC or a Defiant-R then i am looking at a different bridge set up which i do not know which skills i should have two versions of such as EPTS 1 and 2 or just repeats of the same skill such as TTon my BO's. Another question is which AP is better and that can be used for either vessel type APB or APD?

My HEC and Defiant-R bridge layouts are:

Com Tac
Lt Com Eng
Lt Tac
Lt Sci
Ens Tac


Com Tac
Lt Com Tac
Lt Eng
Lt Sci

Any help or suggestions on which skills i can load on my BO's so i can switch them in and out would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, I currently have the following BO's that i am trying to work with

Com Tac-TS1, CSV1, APD2, APO
Lt Com Tac-TS1, APB, HYT3
Lt Eng-EPTS1, ET2
Lt Sci-HE1, PH2
Lt Tac-HYT1, BO2
Lt Tac-TT1, BO2