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09-17-2009, 05:31 PM
It sounded to me as if there actually are lvls in the game. You can't pick all of your skills right off the bat and only certain skills are available at certain ranks. You'll know that a Lieutenant has less skills than a Lieutenant Commander, and a Lt. Cmdr will have less skills than a Captain. In that regard, you're still looking at a leveling system akin to traditional MMOs.

However, what I like is that your rank is based on skill points acquired. While these skill points are a relation to experience points in other MMOs, unlike other MMOs, these points have actual, honest to god(s) VALUE, in that you use them (the points specifically) to level your skills. I like this. I, personally, was never a fan of those arbitrary "experience points" that never had any use in the game other than giving me some form of number based progress bar.

I'm looking forward to this game!!! *crosses fingers I get into the beta*