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01-29-2013, 01:48 AM
Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
Skill is knowing when and where to use your ships powers.

Cheap no skill is using things that get discovered as being Overpowered, or too powerful for what it should be, yet used anyway.. This includes but is not limited to:
Tachyon Mines With Dispersal Pattern, Tricobalt Mines with Dispersal Patterns, Anti-matter spread, Graviton Pulse, etc.. etc..

Sore winners, are the ones that just HAVE to rub it in your face when they win.
Sore losers are the ones who gripe and whine about how their team sucked even if it was their fault for the loss (For example being the one farmed for 8 kills on the board)
Good Winners and Good Losers are the ones that usually say GG, when it actually is a good game. And who are willing to listen to praise, as well as ask for, and give advice when need be.
Disagree about the last bit.

The best losers are those who acknowledge the loss and learn from it by asking the winning team what weakness they capitalised on. Its too easy saying we lost because they used broken crap. Also they are willing to fight again knowing they might have the same outcome.

The best winners are those who win and offer up reasons why they won to the losing from their perspective and offer help without sounding arrogant. Also not behave like certain arrogant individuals who record things to rub it in later then clam it as "self defence". It always back fires sooner or later.
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"No, there is no real problem with P2W in STO. Obviously, if you fight against someone with an equal level of skill in the game, better equipment will give you an edge. But usually, it is the skill level that determines the outcome, not the P2W." - Sprinkles