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01-29-2013, 12:49 AM
They did that in Runes of Magic. They installed a mount inventory.

But Cryptic won't give away free inventory space. Part of their income lies in selling inventory and bank space for zen. The fact you can get zen through the dilithium exchange is there only because they cannot get away with it not to add this option to the game. They would lose too many players because of such a restriction.

It is amazing how many people come up with these ideas not realizing this game is not here for them and Cryptic are not in it primarily for conveniencing the playerbase. They are a commercial company, meaning their goal is one of profit.

There are three things you can do.

1: Buy extra space
2: Do not collect useless pets
3: Become a subscriber or gold member or whatever its called. You get extra space then.

Of course, keep your old free ships for as long as you can because basically they become inventory space. Old weapon sets get stored there together with their consoles.

An investment in some inventory space is what I did on my main. I did not regret the relatively high cost in zen. It does make life easier.

However, some people are natural hoarders, they are dragons and want to keep everything. Some are natural downsizers. And they get rid of 'junk' just with a shrug, whereas the first group stares at an item for minutes and still cannot harden themselves to throw it away.

I am somewhere in between.

At some point in Runes of Magic they offered some relatively easy task to get a free third tab in your inventory, normally you'd have to hire it for a period of your choice. That could be a special event thing. It should perhaps make no difference to give away a Chel Gret ship for people to use forever, not spending money for zen or choose to give away 12 slots of inventory or bank space as a mission reward.

But mind you, such decisions are carefully researched and considered. If we get 12 free slots, how much income does Cryptic lose? If they do it, will people be more inclined to keep more items, causing them to think to buy a ship to equip these things on? And how much will that profit Cryptic? Pro's and con's. And of course, will people appreciate this gesture and will this result in a higher zen sale?

Such are economic decisions. Overall I think a free extra 12 spaces would for most people results in a similar pro's and con's contemplation. Can I get away with 12 slots for free and still not buy anything? Yes, then it is bad for Cryptic. But some, many perhaps, will appreciate it enough to get into the right mood and buy some zen. Maybe we could get it free for our main character. And since it is so nice to have extra space, people would consider buying it for zen on an alt.

Such notions Cryptic would consider. Overall I think it would be a good move by them.