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01-29-2013, 12:51 AM
Originally Posted by shagnastie View Post
And you find the fact that someone can almost spend the cost of a lifetime membership opening box's and not get 1 purple acceptable...

Gimme a break dude thats profiteering on cryptics part it should be capped at a certain number before it has to drop a purple for you (especially when they dont offer the option of simply buying it from c store. you have to take a chance at getting one)

if you think the above is fine or par for the course and acceptable I have no desire to speak with you further.
Keep in mind that each lock box you open is a unique item in the games code separate from each and every other lock box that you open. Thus each time you open a lock box a new copy of the lock box program runs to determine what the contents of that individual lock box are. These individual instances of the lock box program are not tied to each other, thus it is impossible for the coding of the game to figure out that you have opened X number of lock boxes and thus are for some unseen reason supposed to be guaranteed a ship. There is a reason that this is called a random number generator, and that reason is because despite all the odds, someone is going to have the bad luck to pull all the wrong numbers and not get the grand prize even after spending more money than a lifetime subscription is worth.

The only reason I am opening lock boxes is because I want the Lobi Crystals at the moment. Not because of the stupid prize ship inside the lock boxes. That and because there are some other good items in the Ferengi Lock Boxes that I would like to get my hands on as well aside from just the Galor class, but getting a Galor Class would be nice non the less. But most of the boxes I am opening are the more recent ones that drop Lobi Crystals, and that is because there are some items in the Lobi Store I desperately want.