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01-29-2013, 02:25 AM
Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
thats the problem though, everyone in this game already seems to have a hostile attitude to anyone that trys to help.

also, a lot of people tend to sound arrogant without meaning too because its hard to "hear" the words when someone just told you why they beat you....thats an internet thing though.
The way i do it is if the person or team after the game says "wow, how did you do that?", they want help and are open to it. If they call you cheats, move on.

Another strategy is to "rp" a Yup, rp. Form alliances with fleets that want to explode into the pvp arenas and help them fleet to fleet. It seems to be working for us hand in hand with bootcamp.
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"No, there is no real problem with P2W in STO. Obviously, if you fight against someone with an equal level of skill in the game, better equipment will give you an edge. But usually, it is the skill level that determines the outcome, not the P2W." - Sprinkles