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01-29-2013, 02:05 AM
Ahhhhh............. Cure Space Elite.

I hate CSE.

Example: After several miserable failers, I FOR ONCE got into a decent CSE PuG.... FOR ONCE. The team was well balanced, they all said "Hi," and the two escorts of the group had some decent DPS. So I was guarding the Kang by myself. The other four went off and killed probes. They had just finished the second group of probes (they went left, then right, and then they were going to the center) when suddenly, stupidity strikes again. One guy (We'll call him Bob) suddenly says "Hey guys... we should start killing cubez."
Everyone except for one other guy vehemently protests, and starts working on the center probes. Not to be deterred, Bob and that one other guy go and decide to kill the cube. After several deaths, they manage to succeed. Which causes hordes of bloodthirsty Raptors and Neg'vhars to spawn. To put it short, right after Bob and the other guy killed the cube, they were both ROFLPWNED by the Neg'vhars that spawned and even the concentrated efforts of the other two half competent players couldn't save the Kang.

And that was the last time I ever played CSE in a PuG.
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