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i think it's mainly about enjoying the game with others and a mix of piloting/ship-setup skill, spec-"skill", "boff-choosing-skill" and (of course) teamskill. no matter if win or loose. at least the ablity to adapt and to be open for criticism.

on the other hand a bad player to me is, who's using uncounterable abilities or intentionally tries to ruin others game-experience, and at least even seem to enjoy lame-style (some of them seem to be very skilled in acting such).

dont' get me wrong: sometimes i try it myself when i'm bored of being sn'd, viraled and sucked dry all the way by a whole team or even only one of my beloved "bad-players", but i'm not really good at.
i grab my transphasic bomber, which mostly only helps my logged dps (and not happens often)...
but i never would pack a ship full of op's like some already mentioned (only if you call a vesta with 2 tb's and advanced danubes op ^^)...
btw: i do use some of the consonles which come with ships. but indeed on most of my ships there's only the team fortress one (or the dedicated, if there's one. f.e. mvae...).

try to focus on own abilities/things that effect you or your teammates positively, not focussing on abilities that effect your enemies negatively (at least let there be any working counter). i think this i would call some kind of honor and pvp skill (even if only in a social way ^^).
(i've to state that to me passives like f.e. disruptor-procs don't count in this. somewhere the line had to be drawn i guess ).

the best games to me are rounds when team and 1v1 battles mix and when the outcome of the game stays unclear till the last kill (and sometimes we, the randoms, beat that premade) ...

have good fights

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