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01-29-2013, 04:14 AM
Is your "playstyle" then blowing up mob after mob of timid battleship creatures who will not fight back ? - If that is what I choose to do, then yes.

Is there somewhere else in the game this happens that establishes it as a "playstyle" ? - This is irrelevant if I choose to play this way.

What part of "I want you to have ACTUAL Grinder missions." Is being lost here? - I have not heard that from you. I must have missed it.

I want you to have missions completable for the IOR Repeatable assignment.
I'm just asking that you actually fight those enemies that appear in a supposed "combat" mission. - I do. See previous post.

I am NOT asking for Cryptic to take away your ability to get FM,Dil and Stuffs. - Ok, then we don't have a problem.


If asking you to earn it through actual combat makes me an elitist , well then I guess I am elite. - I seem to remember firing something at every ship I've ever blown up. I've got my borderline carpel tunnel to prove it.

Have a nice day. - Good day to you, sir.

Oh, and to be clear. I think the OP idea is a terrible one. - Then we do agree on something.

Porthos is not amused.