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Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
Heya folks.

Just wanted to discuss and highlight a very important issue, which I think many among us are very preoccupied with: Player skill.

But what im curios about is where this skill shines and makes it count. Is it first and foremost through teamplay or is it in glorious combat in duels? Are there more mental and intuitive qualities related or not?
Vise versa im too curios about what players dont consider skill, but an "easy" or "cheap" strategy.

Lastly i want to bring up the topic with good and sore losers, as well as cocky winners. Sure loosing sucks, but thats something you learn and grow from, and most people i know take a loss with a smile and moves on. But what to do with people who are sore losers, e.g the ones who will promise that you alone will be hunted down until vengenance is soothed? And lastly how would you deal with a cocky winner who will rub it in so it shines?

In my opinion player skill shines through teamplay. Through teamplay you dont just evolve yourself, but you help others grow too. The team creates a synergy among themselves, a force unstoppable. Its too via teamplay you develope communication skills and a keen mind of observation to be able to predict, anticipate your ship and abilties, your friends ships, and how to read your opponents gameplay.
Solo combat has it merits as well. Youre on your own, and you alone have to predict and defeat your enemy. This requires alot of intuition and to be able to know when to buff, when to strike, and when to move off.

Whats not skill? Stick on every annoying console and let that win for you. On top of that, picking FOTM ship(s) and win with it due to its superiority.

Well discuss

From my POV PvP in every game is similar to chess so skill would be knowing how to manipulate your opponent or opponents depending on is it a team fight or 1v1 to bring them to a position where you have the upper hand.

I'd have to agree with everyone that the opposite of skill is knowing that something is overpowered and using it since that from my POV lets you skip more than one step in the manipulation i mentioned above...

When it comes to sore winners it's simple, don't oppose them, someone beats you and wants to rub it in don't let them, simply admit it, show them that you don't care, that usually puts them out of place as that's the last thing they expect lol

Sore losers, let them come, each attempt they make to take you down makes them better and each time it provides more and more of a challenge for you to defeat them making it more fun in the process.

Good losers are the ones that will bother to ask how/why they lost and in the end of the day try to improve so they can ask for a rematch, you know the kind of people you defeat and they end up on your friendslist XD