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01-29-2013, 05:49 AM
you have to realize that some people actually want ZEN more then they want dilithium right now. Some of those people are buying ZEN while others trade dilithium for it. If you notice there's always a massive amount of ZEN up for grabs on the exchange, there's not enough dilithium being put up at the same rates to meet the demand. If there was an account-wide pool of dilithium it might make it easier to trade dilithium for ZEN in that some people might not like having to put up an offer every time they finish collecting dilithium for each toon. The fact that an account-wide pool woulld make it CONVIENT to trade all the dilithium you collected and refined throughout the day would probably lead to people who want fleet modules and the like to put more dilithium up. It's far more efficient to put up one offer on the exchange for an entire account than it is to put up one per toon, especially on accounts with maybe 6+ toons