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01-29-2013, 05:07 AM
skill is knowing your role in the battle, and being in position to max your contributions to the team. skill in dogfights sometimes comes down to turn rate, and a little bit of gear.

at this point in the game, skill still trumps gear. timing is still the key. understanding the cool downs of the powers you, and your teammates, as well as your enemy are running will create windows of opportunity for spike damage, and defensive postures.

i have seen this change greatly with the additions to the game over the past year, and i cannot deny that gear impacts the outcome a lot in some PUG matches, but i have also seen 2 great players take the lead and keep 3 average players alive through a ton of crazy console mess, and pull out a victory.

good sportsmanship, and an open mind are always key to good gaming, as well as most relationships you have with anything, and anyone in life.

have fun kill bad guys

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