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01-29-2013, 06:19 AM
IOR will never encourage most players to play "real missions." Everyone did clickies when they worked. After clickies were nerfed people moved to the shooter grinders.

Disabled battleships are only currently the favorite because they drop extra loot. Otherwise they would be fighters or something equally easy. Or weak ground enemies that can be killed by boffs.

I have even seen a mission somewere that said it has a 20-minute time delay and then you win. A delayed-action clicky. I don't know if it works because I got bored waiting for it and did a grinder instead, but I'd think about it before opposing shooter grinders.

I've said it before, making IOR 30min instead of daily was a mistake. It further encourages people to play quickies, as even players who have the time and patience for a proper mission are encouraged to do something they can finish in under 30 minutes.

To encourage players to play story missions, they would have to give rewards not otherwise available. IIRC there was talk of giving special rewards for spotlight missions, but the last time I did one, I got nothing so apparently that didn't make it to the game.