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01-29-2013, 05:21 AM
Originally Posted by louis19k View Post
Hi all,

Today when I made Rear Adm(Lower Half), I purchased the Adv Heavy Cruiser Retrofit from the C-Store. Renamed it, swapped out all the equipment, assigned my BOF's, etc. I went to the Ship Customization NPC and made changes to the bridge, overall color pattern, etc, and hit Purchase.
Now, this was my first time in changing it's look. I then went to the bridge and realized my bridge option was not displaying. Going to the exterior view just outside ESD, none of the external changes were applied to the ship either. Logging out and then back into the game several times did not help as any changes I make simply do not stay.
I also tried "Discharging" the ship and reclaiming it again from the C-Store, but the issue remains. Any ideas of what else I can do? Thanks!
I've had issues with the ship tailor not applying the changes I made to the the exterior. What I tend to do now is save the changes before purchasing, purchase the changes, exit the tailor and then go back into the ui. If the changes havent been applied then load the saved version and purchase again (usually zero cost this time). That usually works for me.

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