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01-29-2013, 07:05 AM
Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
In the end though, as it always does for me, better balance prevails. Leaving the interaction between tactical captain abilities and science powers alone gets my vote.
I agree with Jorf.

I don't think decoupling Tac powers from boosting Sci abilities makes sense from a balance standpoint.

Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
No, it won't. It just will require to skill accordingly, just as with any other science ship captain.

Where does it stop then?

Should Tac powers not boost Warp Plasma as well, how about BFAW as it's primarily a Cruiser skill?

Should you not be able to use SNB followed by CRF? Maybe SNB puts all cannon abilities and torp abilities onto a 30s to 60s hard cooldown?

Maybe Eng powers should be half as effective in an Escort or Sci ship? (No, because that would be silly, which is the point I'm getting at).

These things make about as much sense to me as decoupling Tac captain abilities from boosting Sci power damage output. DHCs are primarily a Tac/Escort weapon, so why should you be able to SNB followed by CRF? (I'm being facetious here).

A Sci skill re-balancing should focus on the things that Sci should be doing well - control, debuff, debilitate and shield stripping/weakening in a way that isn't just an alternative form of damage.

If Sci skills are rebalanced around those things and not being alternative forms of damage like I think a lot of people want them to be, then it no longer matters if the Tac can pop every big CD power they have, it's not going to control, debilitate or debuff the enemy any better.

The real trick is making the Sci captain be the one that is particularly good at boosting those powers in some way, I don't see that happening without some changes or alterations to existing Sci Capt Career powers.

For Eng, since we're sidetracked anyway, I think the first step is to make MW and RSF be castable on others - and then hopefully this BFAW fix will boost Eng as well.

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