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01-29-2013, 06:52 AM
Originally Posted by andy1884 View Post
I've not stopped opening lockboxes (Im still going through a few cardi and ferengi I had, and will probably get a few more from my fleets bank when they have finished), just I wont be opening the Dominion ones, purely because of this claim.
It's kind of along the lines of this. Destroying the Dominion boxes and buying others off the Exchange when I'm trying to get Lobi for a toon.

Dil's just so easy to get - hence the 8k cap for most of us - that something like this has no value. In having no value, it decreases the overall value of the box compared to other boxes.

No doubt, as evidenced in this thread, they do have value for some players out there. Even there though, it's a mixed bag in regards to where that value exists - BtC or BtA.