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01-29-2013, 07:23 AM
Originally Posted by bos142 View Post
Weopons loadout is currently:

3 AP arrays, 1 WA Quantum forward
3 AP arrays, 1 REG Quantum aft

Swap out your beam arrays for DHCs when you're in an Escort.

DHCs are the premier damage dealing weapons in the game, and they are a Tac/Escort's primary strength.

For PvP you will want to drop those AP beams in favor of ACCx1 Beams at the barest minimum, with ACCx2 or higher being better (ACCx2 is usually enough). I would try to get ACCx2 weapons even if it means you need to drop down to MK XI purple.

As to your thread question, Attack pattern Omega is the top BOFF Attack Pattern for PvP with APD being a very solid choice too (you can toss it on teammates or use it in between APO cooldowns).