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Originally Posted by hurleybird View Post
It's already not effective, as anyone who understands the game can attest to. There's a reason you don't see tac/sci being used in competent premade setups: no amount of tac powered debuffs are worth losing a set of science captain abilities over (the best debuff will always be SNB), and the increased DPS coming out of a science ship piloted by a tac doesn't come close to making up for losing two of the best defensive powers in the game -- science fleet and scattering field. Tactical initiative is a great skill for an escort, but completely worthless in a science vessel. In every single way, swapping out a sci/sci for a tac/sci is a bad trade that only noob teams make.

That's why I'm split on whether or not tactical abilities should give certain science powers a boost: On the one hand, by removing that dynamic you're making balance worse. On the other hand, you'd be forcing average players (smart players already wouldn't be caught dead in a tac/sci, dumb ones will never realize or care) to move out of fail builds, hopefully into something more effective.

In the end though, as it always does for me, better balance prevails. Leaving the interaction between tactical captain abilities and science powers alone gets my vote.
Oh please. The only reason Tac Sci hasn't completely replaced Sci Sci is because of the ''gentlemans agreement'' we all took to not use SNB doffs. If we were all willing to use them no one would ever take a science captain for anything beyond 1. Sci would become the pre f2p engineer, only taken by 1 player to supplement the teams assets.
Tac Sci hasn't been a power either since the kick to the crotch of PSW3, unless someone carries SNB doffs on it.

Cryptic should leave Tac Sci's buffing alone. For one thing it completely hoses the MVAM (Like it needs another kick in the nuts ) to remove it, for another, it makes the already tenuous at best Tac Sci combo completely useless in pvp.

If anything Cryptic should make sci captains capable of making the debuff aspects of their powers stronger. Instead of a damage reduction booster, scattering field should make sci debuffs stronger, to counter the insane 50 percent + resistances that the skill tree provides, that any even half competent player will be speccing into.

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