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Originally Posted by gavinruneblade View Post
I wonder if the same rates are true in all other doff sources, like the academy recruiting. Because I know I have vastly more scientists over medics on all my characters and a review of the auctionhouse has long shown a disproportional price between the two categories.
I believe the rates are different because "fleet doffs" are from a different pool (including specializations like the warfare specialists, which you'll never get from downgrading doffs).

Originally Posted by hfmudd View Post
My anectodal observation/experience is that while starbase staffing requirements are split 50/50 between science and medical, engineering and operations, and tactical and security, actual recruitment rates in all three cases are more like 75/25. Could the devs please look at this, and (if this is accurate) adjust either the drop ratios, the requirement ratios, or confirm that it's working as intended?
While it appears to be working as intended, either my suggestion of making it so we can choose medical *or* science department would work and probably be less work for the devs than altering all the starbase projects to account for the disparity due to more science specializations than medical ones.
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