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01-29-2013, 09:20 AM
The problem with Delta or Beta is they have an extremely short duration and they only apply hull resist debuff not shields (just like disruptor proc).

So, if you use Omega it will buff all your weapons for 5 seconds from the moment you click omega. OTH Beta/Delta timer begins when you hit the target (or it hits you in delta's case).

The difference?

Start attack run on target->fire one volley at its shields so they get hurt ->click omega and for the next 5 seconds you literally are tossing buffed damage at a weak shield and naked hull not long after.

In contrast,

Click Beta and the hull resist debuff effect applies for 3 seconds. 2 of which you'll waste doing unbuffed damage to the shields that have no resist debuffed to bring them down. Granted, you could fire a burst first and click Beta and do the same trick...except that Beta at that point is no longer as useful as omega to counteract return fire.

I carry both on my escorts though. Beta can be quite useful in situational the shields are down on a tac cube and you got a nice, clean shot. Beta will do more damage than omega at that point.