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How do you think they'll react to this world? And how would they react if they find out YOU were the person dictating how they live their "lives" in STO? Will they try to go back to STO? Will they even want to? And how will the aliens in your crew hide themselves? And how do you think your life will change now that you have to take care of them (they're your captain and crew after all)?

Great question! In order from above:

Kathryn Beringer would be very upset at the state of the world.

She would be *p i s s e d . o f f* at the danger (and bordom) I put her and the crew through.

Based on the first question, they would be more than happy to go back to STO.

Probably in my basement for the short-run, after that I have no idea.

I would waork harder to make sure they get the best gear they can get to make it through what I'm going to put them through.

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