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01-29-2013, 08:50 AM
its just kdf xii gear for feds and fed xii gear for kdfs omega is the task force that protects the galaxy from the borg no adapted set for them no command they follow orders from neither starfleet or the empire the war between them doesnt excist to task force omega they work side by side to keep the borg out.
if you queued it your fault. what? sounds mean? well truely sorry but you click select then are you sure you want to choose this project pops up and you choose it twice a reselect ability isnt needed you choose it you keep it and do it fairly simple. you choose and costs too high? well it does show the costs under the item hover over it with your mouse and see all the prices.
i will admit i did select a project by mistake to make a scorpion fighter cost 30 engineers or operations later reduced to 10 but still 30 till i finished it after leaving it 2 weeks not even having a fed carrier me being me went and completed the scorpion fighters then went and got the artox carrier i made it my fault i selected it and i decided to us it tbh the peregrin fighters are better the ones that cost 5k ec lol thro i have seen elite scorpion fighters which are alot better too