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01-29-2013, 09:19 AM
Originally Posted by magniacapra View Post
Any news on:

- The unnecessarily huge drain on weapons power Beam Arrays have?
- Better balance between weapons modifiers? Maybe replacing +[DMG] with +[ProcH] (ie, increasing the rate at which weapon effects proc) - and making ACC less important?
- Increasing the strength of science related holds (viral matrix has been seriously nerfed), more debuffs?
- More bridge officer skills in general?
Agreed on the weapons drain - almost 0 power at times for no reason especially on 8 beam faw cruisers.

Instead of replacing the dmg mod, make it worth while?

Viral matrix needs a buff?? Your kidding right?? If anything it needs to be toned down especially with the Viral DOFFS.
Grav Well is good on holds right now with the right skills and consoles. Seems like it might of had a buff silently somehow.

Need to resolve the current Bridge Officer ability issues before new ones can be added.

The thing that definitely need fixing is the random visual disappearance of theta radiation, warp plasma, grav wells and tykens. Really annoying when you run into that and cant see it.