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01-29-2013, 09:51 AM
The cooldown and bound to character keeps it from flash crashing the value of Dilithium.
The daily aspect encourages folks to log in and do a quick freebie mission, and be freed from needing to grind out more Dilithium. Of course, that isn't as pointed/useful if you are reaching your 8000/day from your normal 'fun' activities, but at the very least, it's some back-stock you can get to cover if you don't log in on a given day.

It's 5k dilithium for a 1minute minigame, 4 zone changes [To Planet, to Site, To Air Lock, Off Planet. ok that is 4, woot], and a trip to a system near DS9.

Not to say there isn't a problem with them. With a lot of folks who buy lockboxes, buy -a lot- of them, and lobi encouraging you to buy them on one character, it's very easy to get to a point where you are sitting on over a few months worth of mining claims.

Something to consider. With current market values (92), 125 Zen is 11,500 dilithium [refined]. The rare one is 30,000 dilithium [over 6 days].