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Medic is your best counter to Operative. Physicist is your best counter to Fire Team, unless your opponent is a Caitian, in which case you're back to Medic again. This is because one can Lunge or Pounce out of Gravitic, and at point blank range tac damage vastly exceeds Physicist damage, but at long range, Physicist damage dominates.

The information contained here will help you get started on this. Signing up for the 'bootcamp' on Saturday, if you haven't done so already, will also be helpful.

Your ability to defeat your opponent is going to be based on three things in sequence:

1: Damage mitigation to survive the superbuff

Secure this by wearing good armor (polyalloy or STF armor), maximizing your dodge (crouch, gambling device, Omega shield if possible), and pre-buffing against the attack (nanites to heal you up if you're knocked and can't heal with your other powers, vascular regenerator, even a precisely timed Medical Tricorder if you can work it in. Note that your heals all boost resistance. Use double-tap roll or sprint to keep your dodge high while evading the worst of the pulsewave shot (if you take a pulsewave shot from 5 meters, it does about half the damage it does at 0 meters). Avoid flank damage.

If your opponent uses pets (shard clones, security escorts) keep the fight on the move, use cover to space out your timings, and focus your fire on the pets, not your opponent. You cannot sustain the combined damage and procs of his pets and him at the same time.

Note that you can hear a cloaker coming if your ambient and music sounds are turned off. As they pass the 25 meter mark, you'll hear a whoosh sound like the sound of somebody activating a cloak. You can also hear them as they buff up. Hit your tricorder scan to try to reveal them before they're ready, and run Vascular Regenerator to keep your resists high.

2: Aggressive response, taking advantage of the tac's low capacity to sustain a long fight

Nanoprobe infestation, tricorder scan. Apply sustained damage from medium distance, while keeping the tac out of pulsewave range if possible. If your opponent is not superbuffed up and doesn't have Tactical Initiative running, you can pop a Power Cell to boost your damage more. Keep your healthbar high and space out your heals. Use a high damage exploit weapon like a compression pistol or type 3; tacs have minimal ability to clear exposes.

3: Slowing your opponent down as you pursue for the kill.

The best weapon for this purpose is the omega gun, if you have access to it. Failing that, you want knockback and stun. A stun pistol can be useful here to buy you an extra second. (It can also be useful in phase 1, disrupting the tac's approach into pulsewave range). Stun effects against players got massively nerfed a few months ago (stuns proc a 20 second immunity to stuns), and stun pistols are virtually useless as a result, but this is one place where you can use one effectively. Telekinesis, caitian Pounce, [kb3] weapons, and phaser weapons can all help slow an enemy's retreat. Use tricorder scan to debuff the opponent's stealth rating and keep him from vanishing on you. Operatives also move slower and can't sprint, so if you know where your opponent is, you can run up to him and use tricorder scan on yourself, which will reveal him.

Your opponent is doing you a big favor by playing Operative. Medic can sustain an Operative oneshot, and after you do so, you have the advantage in damage, thanks to your debuffs and your ability to use exploit weapons to dominate the middle-distance fighting (all your heals clear exposes, and vascular regenerator clears them continuously, so you will almost never be exposed). Tac's capacity to sustain a long fight is tied to Suppressing Fire, which Operatives don't have.

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