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Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
There's something interesting here but you have a lot of questionable choices...

Main thing is, what's your focus? For example you're running the tranny cluster but you have Tach Beam 3. And Tach Beam 3 is a skill you're sacrificing a high slot for, but you only have one Flow console.

In a B'rel you can afford to be a bit spammy but you're still going to get better results by focusing on one or two things and maxing them out.
It does really well, actually. Though, I can't say why. In the PvP queues and Elite STFs, I've put out some of the top damage in the game (scoreboard and parsed logs).

Rule 62 also gives +17 Flow Capacitor, along with the 11% boost in torpedo damage. Forgot to mention that I run the KHG Shield and Deflector and run the Aegis Engine.

I can drain, about 420+ per pulse, or 4,200 total if I get all 4 seconds of ability on my target. Honestly, I tried a lot of the Commander level Sci skills and have been largely unimpressed. Flow Capacitors cost the least amount of skill points, so I knew I wanted a drain skill. Also, I had hoped the Aceton Assimilator drain would be nice, but the drain on the Assimilators doesn't work well (it can be resisted 100% against someone with 6 points in Power Insulators).

You'll notice that, of all my fore weapons, only Quantums can be affected by Torpedo buff abilities. This is intentional. I only want the Quantums to do the shield stripping. The Bio-Neural is for taking the rest of the shield down with it's turret before, hopefully, hitting the hull of my target and cause massive damage. The cluster torpedo and hargh'peng are there for direct hull damage (even better if it makes it through the shields) and meant as a finish off someone who manages to get a sliver of shields back up.

EDIT: I should also mention my fleet mate also has a B'rel build, and uses transphasic torpedoes (actually, he's planning on not using them anymore as he says it takes too much work to get good damage with it). He's baffled by how much damage I can put out.

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