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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Hey now, I still want my T5 Fleet Oberth Retrofit Carrier. It doesn't have any hangar bays, but you're able to launch a Redshirt named Biff at your target. EVA suits for Biff will be available from the Dil store.

Honestly though, until we see the specs (and not only see them, but fly it as well) we're not going to know...
Grind your Starbase to T6 and Embassy to T4 to get access to the Elite Biff Launcher right?

In all seriousness, given the hybrid kick that Cryptic has been on of late I'm of the opinion that the Ambassador effectively has to be more than just a generic 9 console T5 cruiser option.

Originally Posted by usscapital View Post
should it not out-gun the excelsior with being a newer design ? , oh wait it's sto we are talking about here so i take that back :p
That's pretty much my point. Date of service and tactical capacity are (currently) inversely related in STO when it comes to T5 Fed cruisers.

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