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01-29-2013, 12:13 PM
Originally Posted by solomace View Post
Highlighted in red incase you miss it. Me thinks you should take heed of your own words before you tell others no?
Once again mate you're struggling to understand the difference between a generalisation and a specific insult. We know who the Devs are, we know their names, we know what they are doing roughly and they are being insulted, perhaps not by name, although sometimes we see that too, but certainly as a small collective group.

Unless you are saying that the type of people I generalised over do not exist in this world then you must also note that I singled out nobody in particular, I mentioned that I had seen it in this thread and in others, it is up to you to decide whom I was implicating.

I am amused that you keep trying to turn this around, there is simply no excuse for rudness, it is not the way I was raised and it should not be the way others are raised. Unfortunately it is prominent in all aspects of the society we live in around the world today and the younger generation, the push button collect bacon brigade, are the most intolerant in general, not all, but generally speaking.

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