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01-29-2013, 11:17 AM
I'm not very experienced at ground, but I have a side project toon that's a sci intended for ground.

My suggestion, and it's probably crazy, is to try to melee him. The strategy is going to be to make it through his alpha strike and then beat him down while his abilities are on cooldown.

-If he's using a pulsewave, make him waste his buffs from far away.

-Damage Resistance (DR). The physician kit has 3 abilities to clear exposes, which you will absolutely have to do. One hypo gives physical DR (for the lunge), one gives energy DR, and one gives all damage DR. They all clear exposes when applied, so it's going to be your call whether to buff your DR all at the start or save an ability to clear the expose.

-Dampening field to reduce his energy damage.

-Neural Neutralizer as an "oh crap" only because it has such a small range and may not work. Here's the thing about this ability, if you land the placate, check his buffs. It may be more important to take that time to either let his buffs expire, or to debuff him further, rather than get a few free swings in which will break the placate.

-PBKB shields to interrupt, maybe, although it's less effective on a tac who is betting it all on one swing. This will be better if he decides not to run from you after his alpha fails.

-Dealing damage: Dyoveline buffs your physical damage, and the duration is greater than most of his buffs. Scientific Aptitude increases your run speed, so don't let him get away. Nanoprobe Infestation so if you get an exploit it hits harder.

-There's fleet armor that gives 20% to physical damage. IDK how invested you want to get in this.

-Doffs: This is going to be significant, I think. There's a melee crit doff, and a melee knockback chance doff. If you can keep knocking him down that's good, don't let him run away for his buffs to come back up. The biochemist is going to be important because you want to reduce his DR with tricorder scan.

-Weapons: This is tricky. The point is to bypass shields and keep knocking him down with a melee weapon. The bad part is that if you get an expose and you aren't in the right part of a combo you might flub the exploit. So I would say the other thing to take is a phaser compression pistol. We're going to go with the idea that after you make it through his alpha he's going to run away, so phaser it is. Also you can fire a compression pistol easily on the run. So if you get an expose chance while you're beating on him, you can either try for an exploit with the melee weapon or pull out the compression pistol, which is still going to have to eat through shields, but hopefully will be consuming Nanoprobe Infestation to buff it.

My sci ground toon is Ferasan because they have the possibility for, at least according to my theory, some of the highest melee damage in the game. The bonus is that they have an innate ability to close the gap, which is the tough part for anybody trying to use melee.

Anyway, that's my theory, it might work, it might not. There are other things like the gambling device from the lobi store and consumables like the ketracel stimulant that could give you an edge if it's close.

Other than that, you could go with the Analyst kit and try to keep your distance if he's using a pulsewave. You're going to use the knockdowns from Sonic Pulse and Tachyon Harmonic when he gets close, and doff so those add the additional DR debuff. Tachyon Harmonic is super spammable. Figure out the range on it so you can try for the knockdown as soon as he's in range. Anesthezine has a run speed and damage debuff, but a really long animation. Triage when you can't stop him from pulling the trigger, before he pulls the trigger, it has a high DR but short duration.

CC is going to be knockdown and run speed, I think. Everything that gives an actual hold is going to have a long cooldown and come with other stuff on the kit that isn't useful.

Long post, started before other people replied, so I'll just add that all the other advice given is good and probably comes from more experience than I have.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.