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01-29-2013, 12:05 PM
Given what the 'Reputation System' is - I don't get how they can be considering a Thlian one; as (if you follow the new Romulus story via the Romulan Rep cutscenes); the Tholians are such Xenophobes; I don't see why/how any non-crystiline lifeforms would trust them; or would believe what they say. Even as far as TOS goes, they weren't interested in contact; and if you go by comments made during the TNG TV series run, the Federation has/had gone to war with the Tholians a couple of times since the TOS era.

I'm not against new Reputation system additions per se; I'd just like them to have some consistency and make some sense in the overall STO storyline that (I assume) Cryptic is talking about getting back to and featuring a bit more in game - and not just get a Rep system added because some portion of the Dev team may think it's 'cool'.

Just my two cents.
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