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01-29-2013, 12:12 PM
Trying to melee a tac is probably one of the worst ideas you can try. Sure the stars may align and you'll knock them down with every melee strike, but when you don't, you usually take a super buffed pulsewave to the face.

I've found range and situational awareness is usually the most favourable weapon against a tac. Most I've run into use the omega gun for the omega 3 piece set and a pulsewave, usually that stupid cryo launcher. If you can hear them super buffing from stealth, start running. If you see them superbuffing with Fire Team, run and try to keep range on them. Waste their buffs.

If you can survive their burst, you can usually regroup and kill them before they get their cooldowns back unless they're really good at their gameplay. (most aren't)
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