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COMM ID: Jesus Malverde
ACCESS ID: 1188-420-81-012
LOCATION: Wall Street Station,Theta Eridani system
DESTINATION: Outpost MZ-5, Halee system
COMM ID: Office of the Board of Directors

Dear master Simon:

We have two things we would like to report.

First, we have completed testing on a fully cloaked transport ship that we acquired from the Reman base of Gasko. The refitting of the ship was carried out in an unused atmospheric bay in Gamma Crateris.
The technology is a bit tricky, Simon. We can only achieve a 10% power output, enough to run the cloaking device, but not enough power to warrant taking up space with guns. But, who needs guns when they can't see you, right?
We have also been able to mount a docking bay on this ship, and are able to carry a fighter/bomber class ship on-board. Depending on the type of fuel used, the ship can maintain a cloaked status for a considerable amount of time. I won't bore you with the exact details, but there should be a good many ways this ship can be utilized.

Second, we have completed preliminary site test for the construction of a yet to be named base. Ka -tet provided us with THIS report. As you can see Simon, all safety standards are met and construction can start at any time. We just need the Board of Directors "OK" before we move ahead on it. Once green light is given, we will start with construction.

My humble regards to your combined efficiency.
The Shrike
Wall Street Station,Theta Eridani system

***Transmission Terminated***

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