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01-29-2013, 12:51 PM
I have MACO Mk XII on one toon and MACO shield with 2 piece Borg on the other. Both are decent, my feeling is that which is best depends to a large degree on how many heals you have. With enough heals, the higher cap from full MACO is better, and the energy regen is nice too. If you're short on hull heals the 2 piece Borg can help with that. I have no idea where the line is between the two is, however. If you don't have the Borg stuff already I wouldn't get it unless you really like throwing away money, if you already have the gear, try it out and see what you like. Of course, there are also the Elite Fleet shields to be considered, my fleet can't get them yet, but from everything I hear they're excellent, and could be combined with a 2 piece of either of the sets.