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01-29-2013, 01:13 PM
well I was going for it having the low hull that's why I beefed up the shield, kinda glass cannon-ish lol.

Why cant a z-store ship have 10 consoles??? Think of this as a BOP for the feds with no battle cloak. just the passive stealth, hence the turn rate, shields, and what ship comes out nowadays that doesn't have some sort of uni console, if they want they can make it only available for caitian ships like the atrox and the stalker.

As for the boff consoles I used the temp destroyer as a template, same with many of the klink ships, having the uni consoles gives it the versatility a lot of people are looking for, adding extra dps, more heals/resists, etc.

Another good idea i got was that since the ships name is chameleon, it would be cool to have a sensor jamming console that works like a holo emitter fooling enemy ships into thinking they are friendly. Think the holo emitters from the romulan ship in Enterprise, and the incursion cloaking technology they used in the story line of Starfleet Command 3.

Chameleon Console: (Chameleon escort only)
Passive incursion technology that can be used on enemy ships to make the escort look like the enemy. Rendering enemies unable to attack the escort. Firing will break the projection, Aux increases the power of the projection. Cannot be used in combat, Enemies with high Aux and points in sensors will be harder to fool.