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this ship is really a RA level, sub fleet ship level ship. wile it has several nifty extras and a cool station setup, its got several built in disadvantages. the low .83 and .9 shield mods are the lowest you will find among any current end game ship, and its really notifiable when your dueling a fleet level escort, they can take more damage then you, and turn much better so they have an easier time pointing at you. the low number of consoles, only really 4 to work with after the 4 tac and the universal console are slotted, deeply limit options on the ship.

you cant stack a bunch of sci consoles on it to buff a sci skill, even though you could have 5 or 6 sci skills on the ship, you don't have room for turn consoles and armor, and borg and zero point and leach and all that stuff. so it can only have high crit, high armor, or boosted turn, pick 1 of 3. the kdf version's battle cloak is very nice though, and these ships have a very high impulse mod.

Starting to sound like I should just go back to my Fleet Qin... ?
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