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01-29-2013, 02:38 PM
There's also the Steamrunner. That also has 10 consoles but lacks a fleet variant.

I see it looking like this.

Hull Strength: 27,000
Shield Modifier: 1
Weapons: 4 Fore 3 Aft
Device Slots: 3
Bridge Officer Stations: Commader Tac, Lt. Tac, Lt. Comm Sci, Ensg Sci, Lt. Eng,
Console Modifications: 4 Tactical, 3 Engineering, 3 Science
Base Turn Rate: 15 degrees per second
Impulse Modifier: 0.20
Low Energy Signature
+10 Weapon Power
+5 Auxiliary Power
Can load dual cannons
Thoron Beam Generator (Universal Console Mod), same as stalker but would look similar to the Heavy Graviton Beam from the Maco set (without the knockback)

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