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*OOC: Yes I am late. Work too longer than I thought it would. But alas I am here.*

*Gyunei stands over the deeply weakened Markon.. Nudging him*

Gyunei: Wake up Klingon you are not dead.

*Meanwhile, Savatec heads a broadcast conference from the devestated Klingon homeworld.*

Savatec: My people. For melennia we have followed custom and tradition of our warrior race. We have allowed greedy individuals and the power hungry to oppress us.

*the non Klingons and outcasts gather courage building*

The subjugated races of the Empire the ones we conquered we treated like dogs unless they were loyal and proven their worth. But alas that part will not change. We will strive for a government a world free from the clutches of the Houses. Free of uselessness. A society free from useless bloodshed that has plagued our people. Killing our strongest, wisest minds for what? For honor? For Glory?

What Glory and Honor is there in killing ourselves for tradition? We weaken ourselves instead of strengthening it.

What these offworlders are showing us is that we have grown corrupt decadent. That we the people said accept it .. it is our way.

I say no.

We make our own way.

We are always bred for WAR and bloodshed.

But what else is there?

Come let us rid this empire of all those that oppress us that wish to bring order for themselves.


*Roars cheer as weapons fire upward and they go out for battle against the peacekeepers.*

*New Romulus*

*A Group stands before the military officials gathered no one else is present as they are in the streets clamoring for change. *

*Vala's support base soon begins to wither down as her supporters are dragged out into the street by the very people serving them, beaten, clubbed, and shot. Then strung up and left as an example as the demonstration continues.*

*Gyunei comes on the GNN broadcast calm on his eyes.*

Gyunei: Terrorists are we? Incorruptible are you? You are not. Your leaders are still bought by special interest. Outside interest. Their ideas. Instead of the people. We are only opening the eyes of the people. People are tired of this status quo of temporary peace and corruption. Of special interest dominating what should be best for the people. To prove it I bring forth a Ferengi that headed bought off several officials for their votes toward keeping unfair business practice enforced on the people.

Speak little Ferengi. Tell them who you are.

Gova: I am Gova... Head of Interstellar comglomerate...

Gyunei: Yes.. Now tell them what did you do with these officials you bought off. What did you have them do?

Gova: Orchestrate and push monopolies on republic goods at a cheap price, *cowers*, Pushed them toward interrupting the government... for Federation interests.

Gyunei: Good. What happened to those people?

Gova: They... They... they suffered, they were manipulated into a recession that we did not forsee and they tried to install the Federation government during the black out..

Gyunei: Tell the people who those men and women were for the their information.

Gova: *cries and sobs out of terror as he spills all the names down to the members of the president's cabinet.*

Gyunei: *pats the little ferengi and then with a sickening grab and snap he is dead on the ground* As you see. The puppets of the military and the media don't want the people to acknowledge that they are controlling the people. That they do not want them to know the truth.. That they are not only CORRUPT but flawed. Yearly elections? It doesn't help when all of your candidates are bought and paid for and your Campaigns are an elaborate ruse for the campaign financiers.

*Evidence brought forth from the Ferengi and SHIELD and the living Computer terminal Cortana. *

My friends.. Do not believe these arrent puppets of the government they should be brought to justice. Be held accountable not to a corrupt system that lets them off. Make them accountable to you. Free yourselves from this mental decadence and fight for your freedoms. We will not lie to you and we have not.

The two that murdered the Romulan Councilor were none other than a calculated risk and ploy by SHIELD and the Republic to discredit us to doubt us.

I give you the signed order to do so.

*Reads off the order and who had signed it as the SHIELD Director, and the Admiral Ramirez.*

There you have it.. Who do you believe now? A sow and the puppets of the government or us?

If you believe then fight and join us.

*The broadcast ends and the Galactic news goes crazy...*

*Meanwhile on Earth*

*Preston's office*

Preston: This man is a lunatic.. but he is not stupid.. That was a dumb move by Allington... No government is incorruptible... Even the republic can be bought off. *slams his fist onto the desk *

Damn it.