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My tiny one-room apartment would get cramped very quickly, with people stepping on each others' toes all the time:

Captain Robin Zhang and I would bond over watching old movies and herbal tea.

Commander Thomas "Tom" Richardson and Ship's Counselor Natasha McGill would constantly pester Zhang about the Prime Directive, preservation of timelines, amongst other things.

Tactical Officer Lt. Cmdr Christine Barber, on finding that I am an alternate version of her CO (and tentative significant other): "Oh great, now there's TWO of them! "

Security Chief Lt. Cmdr. Mirra Shran would constantly try to hit on me, that Andorian minx.

Chief Science Officer Lt. Cmdr. Corat Remara would spend his time either poking around things he shouldn't ("A fascinating wall-mounted interface for the transfer of electrical power! I wonder how one uses we go, this three-pronged hand tool from the drawer should do...") or using up all the salmon in my freezer to make the closest approximation to Cardassian Fish Juice.

Chief Medical Officer Lt. Cmdr. Lelania Tigan would pop by with regular reminders about my posture ("Don't slouch. It's bad for your back.")

Operations Officer Lt. Cmdr. Geoff Ong would blend in with the locals in an attempt to acquire an antique guitar ("But it's a genuine hand-made 20th Century Fender Stratocaster! I'd have to pay an arm and a leg to get one back home!")

Chief Engineer Lt. Cmdr. Vrin K'vov, on the nature of 21st Century human housing: "How can anyone possibly live in this...hut..made from cut segments and beams of plant-based cellulose affixed with inferior metal pins?"

And as if my senior officers weren't enough...

Security Officers Lt. Chavek (Romulan) and Ens. F'ris (Caitian) would be engrossed in their efforts to construct the perfect cheeseburger. ("Erm, Mister C? I think we're out of bread buns again.")

Junior Science Officer Akorem Rolan (Bajoran) and Nurse Jil Kellat (Cardassian) would be huddled in the corner doting over my potted orange seedling.

Transporter Chief Michael Andrews would constantly blame himself for getting everyone in this predicament.

Systems Engineer Ens. V'ruk (Reman) would hide in my closet, greeting me each morning when I slide the door open to pick out clothes for today.

Game features I'd like to see improved / expanded: Better Ship Interiors // BOff Costume Slots

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