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01-29-2013, 02:22 PM
Originally Posted by senokeclipse View Post
I repeat, it's a very simple thing to fix:

It's a conflict with a program named : "Pando Media Booster"

Desactive it and you can launch your game again
I know that program, but haven't installed it since I bought my new pc 5 month ago. So no it's not a simple thing.

The only similar thing between me and my few fleetmates is steam. We all bought the game there (at release) and downloaded it there, but it's not running in the background. Well ok, Teamspeak and ICQ are the same programs we use together, but never heard of problems caused by them.

Actually I'm stuck in endless load at new romulus, hanging there already for 20 minutes, hearing others teleport minutes ago and now it's really silent, like there's nobody else anymore. I don't want to close the game, cause I fear to have problems with the launcher again, like one of my mates experienced 2 hours ago and left angry for today.