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Sam: What are you going to do now? Kill me like you killed the Klingons, Director Chester? Or are you going to twist me into actually buying that crap you just spilled out. You made one critical mistake: GNN is independent. FNN is the national broadcast service for the Federation, RIN for the Republic.

*She stares Gyunei down.*

If you're going to kill me, have the courage to do it on air. Kill someone because she inconvenienced you - because she spoke her mind. I once went on my own personally vendetta chasing down men like you, then I woke up. What's worse, I was once JUST like you!

*Sam's pendant glows.*

Don't delude yourself into thinking I'm as stupid as the people you speak to. Don't think the whole galaxy's that stupid.

I ask you, how do we know that Ferengi told the truth? You could have threatened him, he would've feared you. Even now, I fear you. He would have said the Republic was a Birthday Cake if he thought you'd let him live! And now, he's dead. You've covered your tracks, we'll never know.

We're off air, you can speak the truth here.

Gyunei: I won't kill you Fr?ulein. I actually did not make a critical mistake. *His eyes glow red very deep and translucent red.* Want to know why..

You long for it.. You welcome it.. You want to be with the man you love. For me and anyone else that is painfully obvious.

Want to know why I know the Ferengi told the truth?

We kidnapped him from the economic conference. Do not believe so easily that your people are so incorruptible. They are not. He shared all he had out of a deal.. You playing on emotions are useless as it is not logical and means very little. Gova Natalas had been a buying off politicians. Even SHIELD was aware of it. That was his stamp and signature was it not? He himself confirmed it. Do not be afraid of the winds of change..

You are still like me dear. More than you know.. The fact you murdered a man in cold blood proves it.

*Noise outside on Sam's end grows louder.*

You think you know darkness.. You only borrowed the dark.. I was in darkness, I did not see the light until I was a man.. And then it was searing!

Now if you excuse me Fr?ulein. You have an angry mob in the streets as well as abroad.

You have no idea what the truth is sow what your perfect government did to people.


*transmission ends*

*Riots in the republic continue and get more violent. They soon take out the officials they elected out into the streets and make an example of them. *