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*Sam turns to face him.*

Sam: The truth is subjective. You can give someone facts, but you only have to give him enough to suit your needs. A wise man taught me that there's only one, pure truth.

*She gestures to her chest.*

In here.

*She takes off her Phaser and drops it on the floor.*

Jal: What are you doing?

Sam: Using the truth. That's something we don't do enough today. We need to stop trying to outmanoeuvre the truth and let it have its day.

The truth is I don't have anything left. If you are going to destroy everything I care for, then I have no purpose either. So what's the point? Where's the sense in defending a doomed civilisation? Do you see the logic in that?

So... *She turns back to Gyunei.* kill me. Show us your true colours.
Gyunei: Your punishment must be more severe... When everything you knew is ashes then you have my permission to die. Death is your God. The Truth is not quite as subjective as you believe, the truth is what is done and its consequences are the seeds of discontent and revolution in the future. No. I will let you watch as everything you know is consumed in the fires of change.

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