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Renim's resistance viewer tool

so ive been playing with a new toy the last few days, like ACT the log parser, it reads the log that is generated by the game after you enter the /combatlog 1 command. this shows shield and hull resistance though, based on the damage entries recorded in the log basicly as they happen. it imposes itself over the game, but its window is small, its easy to stick in a corner so its out of the way.

anyway, there are several settings. you can select yourself, and see your resistance levels as you take damage from kinetic and the various energy damage types, or you can set it to display the resistance of the person taking your damage. needless to say, this is invaluable for testing things.

you can also set it to display who has the most resistance in the match, and who has the least, as well as who is taking the most fire friendly or enemy. i think. im still trying to figure it all out still. this can be of use to healers, tipping them off as to who is getting shot the most on your team.

if your trying out a plasma weapon build, you could use this to find someone who doesn't have an STF shield, it will pretty clearly show weather someone has one based on the displayed plasma resistance, compared to their resistance to other damage types. its also a clear indicator of weather your target is so hardened you might as well not bother shooting them, once it displays they have up near 75% shield resistance.

basic instructions:

1.double click the icon, and find the STO folder with the combatlog.log file. my file path for that is star trek online\Star Trek Online\Live\logs\GameClient

2. after selecting the log, hit no on the box that pops up. if you have no combatlog.log file, you may need to first generated one by activating /combatlog 1 and do something that would cause an entry in it. even fall damage would do it probably.

3. it will ask you to enter your character name@handle. you dont need to do this, but it will create an entry that wont be removed if you select <clear name list> to clean up all the names in the drop down. once you have your name associated with any combat log entry, your name will show up there though anyway. that window is to just create an unclearable entry for your self, because the tool inst capable of knowing that you are you basically, its just reading entries in the log.

now the tool should be displayed

3. in the top drop down, the person you select is the person it will display information about. you can select yourself, or anyone

4. check the SS? box, and entering your name or someone else's name in the second box and it will display the resistance levels of the person you or that person is shooting at.

5. checking TA turns on ally/enemy detection, but it can draw more processing power to use. its from the point of view of the name selected in that lower box.
  • ATF- shows the resist of the ally taking the most fire
  • ETF- shows the resist of the enemy taking the most fire
  • ALR- shows the ally with the lowest average resists
  • ELR shows the enemy with the lowest average resists

ALR and ELR will show players as long as there are any, otherwise it will show npcs.

i find just knowing your own resistance levels, or that of your targets the most useful though personally. i'll proboly be editing this to fix any errors i made, i've said everything i know about its function as of now.

again, this only interacts with the combat log, a file generated by the game when you give the command to do so. this does not interact with the game client at all.
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