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01-29-2013, 03:53 PM
Originally Posted by lowqfah View Post
I woke up about 11 hours ago, logged on fine, just got home from work and no go.

I get the trying to update the launcher box. and then a red x no connection.

I am a lifetime member and I took a break due to these issues, I am back for a week and they are still here.
Its pathetic man I mean what are they thinking..

They get the issue sorted from yesterday when thousands of us couldent play

Then they decide to do tests the day after to ensure it doesent happen again (yeah right...)

My question

Are you guys retarded or what? Schedule the down time to do the tests, dont do it the day after thousands couldent play so thousands of us cant play 2 efin days in a row.....

Show of hands if u agree?