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Originally Posted by webdeath View Post
I've been having problems with that actually.. At least when it comes to dealing with Escorts. Not the turn rate necessarily, but more being able to tank even a single Escort at times. I would think that I'd be able to tank abit better then I have been. I've also been questioning if having 100+ Shield power + EptS even gives enough shield resist any more to help tank.

Doesn't help that it feels like most Escorts now adays use Tetryon Glider, or worse, Concentrated Tachyon Mines. Not to mention Tricobalt Mine Layers..

I am also trying to perhaps a Plasma DoT Build. But I'm not sure if I should be using Torps more, or Plasma Beams for that one. I would think Torps would work better or are more reliable especially if Mines were used. But I'm just not sure. Bleh. I feel like the more that I play STO, the less I know.
well, the ship is just well and truly hopeless. its like the first ship completely unable to perform any role in pvp at all with any efficiency. i mean, you can make a galaxy R a decent healer, or even a hard hitting aquarius, though paper thin. this just begins in fail and ends in fail.

only something with speed and maneuverability, an escort, could use that station setup and survive well. something that big and fat has to rely on tanking damage, and out healing and resisting it, there is no avoidance. its the wrong stations on the wrong kind of ship, and as cool an the pve care bears might think it is, its is the biggest joke, literally and figuratively in the game for pvp, regarding its own self preservation.

not to mention it cant support like any eng or sci heavy carrier can, and those tac stations are wasted on it because it cant use weapons that could utilize them well. so its also fail on its team contribution of the damage and healing.

its e'ffed. theres no good build for it. point it at an stf gate, thats were the thing peeks. there is the slightest glimmer of hope for usefulness, but they would have to make the LT tac a universal station too before that happens.
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