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# 1 Top Concerns of PvP Balance
01-29-2013, 02:59 PM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Hey guys, I think this thread has run its course.

If you would all like to make a new "Top Concerns of PvP Balance" thread to air other grievances, I promise to give it a read, and respond where/when possible.

I'd have to say my Top Concerns of PVP Balance are:

Lobi Store weapons and Consoles.

This is especially true of the Concentrated Tachyon Mines. The more players I see running these with Dispersal Patterns the less I want to Que up.

Anti Matter Spread is an annoying power, to be true, but it's worse when you can resist the Scramble Aspect of it, but not the Jam aspect of it. Add in the new Reputation Crit = Jam, and then throw on the KDF Honor Guard shield/Adapted M.A.C.O Shield and you probably should just put your weapons on auto target and HOPE you hit something. Which all leads into Stackable Placates

Graviton Pulse also feels out of balance for PVP.. Especially when it can last for nearly 30 seconds in some cases.

But the Number One cause for the most concern in PVP where Balance is concerned:

One Crits, it all Crits.

That bug effects so many things that as long as it continues, anything that can be effected by it becomes much stronger then it should be. This includes but is not limited to: Plasma Dots and Dispersal Pattern Mines to name a couple.

All in all there are a lot of things I'm sure that concern the Majority of PVP. Those above are a couple that I feel are problematic for PVP in the current state it's in where Powers and Balance is concerned.
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