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01-29-2013, 04:06 PM
I realize some things are beyond the control of the folks in charge. I get that. I read the post in another thread, concerning compensation for down time, where someone commented about the terms of service, so, changes can be made, etc, and no compensation is due.


Except...I've worked 22+ years in the service industry, and, I know this isn't how customer service actually works.

I picked back up gold membership, specifically to be able to do stuff at will, with the foundry. Guess what? I can't. No project I attempt, is not met with error messages, that shut down STO.

And now? Now I can't even play the game regularly?

So, for the devs, lemme explain how customer service actually works.

If there is a problem, you fix it. If the problem has cost your customers time and/or money, you DEFINITELY fix that. It's smart business.